Vintage Perennials, New Releases and More

15th Oct 2021

Vintage Perennials, New Releases and More

Big Jims Garden Centre Newsletter

14th OCTOBER 2021

Spring is up to its’ usual tricks, with the weather behaving from one extreme to the other, and for those in the two garden festivals it is very frustrating indeed. However it is normal spring behaviour.

October is probably the main month to be getting all those edibles into your vegetable garden. Labour Weekend is only a week or so away and that is the traditional time to plant tomatoes outdoors. There are so many interesting varieties to choose from, including tried and true heirloom ones, grafted ones which give tomatoes increased vigour, and there are even more seeds to choose from.

Many spring flowering trees, shrubs and perennials are beginning to flower now, making it an exciting time in the garden, with something new happening everyday. Gardens go from having spaces, to filling out really quickly. Roses are pushing ahead very quickly, make sure you give them a good feed, and they will reward you with lots of healthy growth and flowers


Delicious Specials on a range of Edible Plants. Now is the Perfect time to plant these edibles and enjoy eating home grown.


This week we have had a delivery of stunning Roses from NZ Rose Breeder Rob Somerfield of Glen Avon Roses. Roses are regarded as the queen of flowering shrubs and their flowers bring a touch of romance to any garden.
There is currently a large selection available. Many Recent releases and Award Winning Varieties.
Including Exclusive New Release 'Champagne Breakfast', as well as recent Release 'Feeling Better' & 'Green with Envy' All Below

All Bush Roses $34.99


These easy to grow vintage flowers are making a comeback in popularity for the flower garden. Vintage perennials are the old fashioned flowers like your grandmother used to grow. You'll find a treasure in this selection in store now.
Primulas, Astrantia, Poppies, Astilbes, Solomon Seal, Lily of the Valley, Red Hot Poker, Trillium, Thalictrum, Nerine and more.
You need to be in quick.


Pretty and always productive. Petunias are your go to for summer flowers.
Calibrachoa Doubles - Produces beautiful double small petunia-like flowers from mid spring right through the heat of summer into the cool nights of late autumn. This dazzling little plant with its mounding and semi trailing habit makes it perfect for use in hanging baskets, containers or as a small area ground cover.
Petunia Hells - A series of brightly coloured blooms - the perfect hot colours for the heat of summer. Blanketed in blooms from spring to early autumn, Hells Petunias have a mounded trailing habit making them the perfect choice for containers and hanging baskets.
Calipetite - New series of dwarf Calibrachoas produces masses of small 'petunia like' flowers. Bred to deliver maximum outdoor performance Calipetite has a compact nature and is prolific flowering from spring right through to autumn and offering a big splash of colour in any garden. They are ideal for pots hanging baskets, window boxes and the general garden bed.
Petunia Cupcake Series - Violet Bouquet, Blue Star, Blueberry Crush, Rose Star. Bred for its tolerance to weather extremes, great garden performance. A long lasting perennial petunia that flowers from late spring through summer and into autumn and is fantastic for containers, baskets and the general garden bed.



We have 3 Lawn Varieties to suit all areas of New Zealand.
Ican Everyday Lawn - A blend of 80% Premium Fine Turf Perennial ryegrass and 20% Premium Chewing Fescue. Everyday lawn seed blend provides a lawn that is quick to establish, will require little maintenance and is attractive to the eye.
Ican Premium Lawn - A blend of 80 % Premium Chewing Fescue and 20% Browntop. This superfine blend used to be the standard lawn seed blend used throughout New Zealand. Good drought tolerance, Good shade tolerance.
Ican Hot and Dry Lawn - A blend of 60 % Hard Fescue, 20 % Red Fescue and 20% Chewing fescue. This blend is suitable for areas that will receive little or no watering during the hot summer months. Deep rooting fescue blend, Fine leaf texture, Excellent drought tolerance.



Avocado is one of the home gardener's most longed-for fruit trees. We have had an extra delivery of them and ready to go to your garden.
Hass - A Type. Oval shape. Thick, pebbly skin that darkens when ripe.
Reed - A-type. Round, thick green skinned variety.
Bacon - B Type. Oval shaped fruit with a very attractive smooth shiny thin green skin.
Fuerte - B Type. Medium sized pear shaped fruit with a green leathery skin, easy to peel.

Selection Instore Now.


Exclusive to Big Jims. An evergreen perennial forming a tight, upright clump bearing strappy dark green leaves, large pure white flower heads, up to 4cm across standing proud on stiff 45cm stems.
An absolute stunner.
Available in 2 Sizes


More Citrus has arrived this week and ready to be planted. Mandarins - Corsica No2, Encore, Miho, Okitsu and More. Limes - Bearrs. Oranges - Carters Navel, Fukumoto, Lue Gim Gong, Parent Navel. and Tangelo - Seminole. Plenty of varieties to pick from.

2 for $ 60 or $34.99 Each



With their thick, glossy leaves and spectacular blue flowers, one of the most attractive of New Zealand's herbaceous plants. Grows on exposed coastal sites in the Chatham Islands. In gardens the plant needs shelter from frost and some shade during hot summers.



Plant Now and Save.
Apple - Cox's Orange, Fuji, Gala, Kidds Orange, Granny Smith, Montys Surprise, and Many More.
Apricot - Fitzroy, Garden Annie, Sundrop & Travatt.
Peach - Black Boy, Golden Queen, Hiawatha & Peachcot.
Plum - Black Doris, Burbank, Black Amber, Elephant Heart, Hawera, Luisa, Omega, Purple King, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Sultan, and More
Pear - Concorde, Conference, Doyenne du Comice, Red Barlett and many More.

25% off Fruit Trees.
Selected Range of Deciduous Only