Hydrangea Heaven


The impact and beauty of the hydrangea is unsurpassed. Whether planted in drifts in dappled shade or picked for the indoors you can't help but admire the large everlasting blooms.


Getting Started

Hydrangeas are a trouble-free, easy care shrub which is best planted in spring. Hydrangeas come in shades of pinks and blues, and in white. 


When it comes to choosing hydrangeas, varieties are divided into two different categories.

  • Lacecaps: These Hydrangeas have flat flowers and subtle beauty.
  • Moptops: These Hydrangeas bear large round full blooms.


Hydrangeas perfom best in dappled shade in fertile soil. Mix compost and sheep pellets into the soil. Planting in drifts will create a spectacular display come summer.



Feed in late Autumn with General Garden Fertiliser and water in.


Flower Colour

Flower colour is influenced by soil conditions. Blues are intensified by acid conditions, while alkaline soils favour pink and red shades.

To enhance pink shades apply Tui Lime to the drip line around the plants and water in. Apply ammonium sulphate or aluminium sulphate or an acid fertilser in the same way to enhance blue flowers.



In late Autumn prune the plant to half its size, cutting to just above a pair of nodes. This will promote flowering next season and maintaining shape and vigour.