Garden and Landscape Design

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Overwhelmed by the plant choices and uncertain about what thrives in Taranaki's unique climate?

Need help optimizing your outdoor space to make the most of your backyard's potential?

Let us guide you in transforming your garden into an inviting oasis you need want to leave!

Garden Advice

Expert garden advice for a flourishing outdoor space.

Are you eager to have a beautiful garden but feeling overwhelmed about where to begin? Unsure about which planes would thrive in your area? Our garden consultation service is tailored to give your garden the boost it needs.

Our experienced consultants, Diane, will visit your garden and provide advice on selecting the best plants for your space to achieve your desired look. She can also help with site evaluation, soil analysis, and identifying existing trees and shrubs. She can even offer spraying advice and suggestions for orchard and vegetable garden placement.

Cost: 1 hour onsite $150 including GST

Garden Design

Enhance your garden with our comprehensive soft landscaping design service.

Wanting to create an impressive garden but struggling with the know-how? We will work with you to create a customized planting plan (soft landscaping) that meets your site requirements and preferred planting palette.This option is ideal for new builds that already have their hardscaping in place, or existing gardens that need a touch-up.

This service includes one easy-to-follow plan, complete with a plant key and all necessary planting notes. Please note, no hardscaping elements are included in this design.

Cost: From $250 including GST

Landscape Design

Design your ideal landscape with our expert duo!

If you're looking to transform your outdoor space or make significant landscape changes, we've got you covered. Our landscape design service can be tailored to suit a small area in need of a complete overhaul all of the way through to a new home with a total blank canvas.

We will create a cohesive and affordable plan that includes both hardscaping (decks, pathways, etc.) and soft landscaping (plants, trees, etc.). We under that visualizing the transformation of your garden can be challenging, that's why we also offer 3D drawing to make the process easier.

We begin with an on-site visit to go over your needs, and gather measurements. We then develop a proposal in line with your brief and from there, we proceed to transform your dream garden into a reality.

Cost: Start with an on-site consult $100 incl GST