Natives Naturally



There is always a good feeling about planting NZ Native plants. They are unbeatable for reliability, suitability, foliage colour and texture.


Getting Started

Mostly evergreen, the range of NZ native plants covers all types for all situations from low ground covers, small shrubs, large shrubs, trees and climbers – for all situations, and with many features and characteristics.

The most notable feature about NZ native plants, is that there is a very significant range that thrives in most soils and climates of NZ – including coastal, or clay soils.


Putting it together

Below is a list of our recommendations which are sure to perfom well and suit most garden conditions. Natives are taken a new turn recently with bold coloured foliage in every shade of the rainbow. Natives are a true treasure for every garden.

The most popular flowering plants

  • Hebes
  • Sophora - Kowhai
  • Olearia
  • Leptospermum - Manuka varieties
  • Metrosideros species – Pohutukawa, hybrids eg ‘Tahiti’, Rata,

The most popular screen plants

  • Corokia species and varieties
  • Dodonea
  • Griselinia
  • Olearia
  • Pittosporum species and varieties
  • Sophora – ‘Dragons Gold’


Best container plants

  • Astelia species and varieties
  • Coprosma varieties
  • Cordyline (cabbage tree)
  • Griselinia
  • Metrosideros - kermadecensis and hybrid varieties


Best coastal plants

  • Metrosideros – Pohutukawa
  • Myoporum – Ngaio
  • Pittosporum
  • Leptospermum – Manuka
  • Hoheria
  • Melicytus
  • Hebe
  • Olearia
  • Coprosma
  • Phormium – Flax
  • Cordyline - Cabbage tree

Best ground cover plants

  • Coprosma species and varieties
  • Libertia species and varieties
  • Arthropodium – Reinga Lily
  • Dianella
  • Carex species
  • Acaena species

Best foliage effect plants

  • Astelia
  • Carex
  • Chionachloa flavicans
  • Coprosma
  • Corokia
  • Dianella
  • Ferns and Ponga
  • Griselinia
  • Libertia
  • Lophomyrtus
  • Meryta sinclairii – Puka
  • Olearia
  • Phormium – flax
  • Pittosporum species and varieties
  • Psuedopanax species and hybrids
  • Sophora – Kowhai

Best Climbers

  • Clematis paniculata
  • Metrosideros carminea



Natives do not require a lot of attention. Feed with sheep pellets at planting time. Mulching gardens will surpress weeds and condition the soil. Use Daltons Premiun Compost. Slugs, Snails and Caterpillars are really the only pests which may feast on your natives. Sprinkle around slug pellets.