Growing Grapes

Grapes are a timeless classic, being enjoyed for thousands of years. Who can resist picking succulent grapes straight off the vine and they make a great feature in any garden while creating a Mediterranean atmosphere.


Getting Started

Grapes are best planted in either Autumn or Spring. There are many varieties of both red and green grapes to choose from, with many being seedless.


Where to Plant

  • Grapes prefer a light, moderately fertile soil but if drainage is good they will grow anywhere. Grapes do not like wet feet. Shelter from stong winds.
  • Grow vine on a pergola frame, a simple wire trellis, or against a fence. Vines can be grown about 2m apart, meaning that different varieties can be grown in a small space.
  • Grapes can just as easily be growen in wine barrels over a frame. Use Daltons Premium Tub Mix. Ensure that there are drainage holes in the pot or planter you choose.
  • Water well during dry periods



Feed yearly with an application of lime and general garden fertiliser in Spring.



Grapes fruit on new seasons growth. In July, cut back to within one - two buds of the main leaders.


Plant Protection

Grapes may suffer diseases and pests in wet or humid weather. The main ones which are likely to affect yield and quality are; Downy mildew, botrytis grey mould, and black spot. Spray with Yates Greenguard or Yates Champ Copper after bud burst, flower and fruit set.



By the third fruiting season you will be innundated with grapes.. Protect from the birds with bird-netting.