Loving Lilies


Lilies make a fabulous display in Summer, whether used in garden borders, in pots on the deck or woodland gardens and with so many varieties to choose from you can't help but be tempted by their beautiful blooms.


Getting Started

Lilies are available as bulbs from late May through to till the end of July and come in different forms and colours. Liles flower in the summer and can be grown either in the garden or in pots.  After purchase plant Lily bulbs as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the bulbs drying out in the small bags they are sold in.


Where to plant

  • Lilies prefer to grow in acid, or lime free, soils.
  • Even though lily bulbs should never dry out, they do need a free draining soil to let excess moisture drain away.
  • They like a semi shaded situation, or dappled sunlight
  • When planting in the garden make sure to provide a fertile, free draining soil.
  • The addition of pumice sand or grit at the base of the planting hole is ideal.
  • In pots always use a good quality potting mix.
  • In the garden bulb food should be applied at planting time.
  • In pots it is best to use a slow release fertiliser like Yates Acitcote to promote flowers.
  • Plant the lily bulbs and cover with 10cm of soil.
  • Lilies can be used successfully in the following situations:
    • In garden borders from the centre to the back
    • In pots and containers
    • Semi-shade, dappled light positions
    • Woodland themed gardens
    • Decks and patios
    • Conservatories and glasshouses



  • Once plants emerge liquid feed at two weekly intervals.
  • Give them plenty of moisture in hot dry spells.
  • Taller varieties will need staking
  • Re plant bulbs immediately after lifting – do not let bulbs dry out.