Spoil Mum or Maybe Spoil Yourself

6th May 2022

Spoil Mum or Maybe Spoil Yourself

Big Jims Garden Centre Newsletter

5th MAY 2022

Mothers Day is this – Sunday 8th May
For all those mothers who love gardening there are lots of ideas with gardening in mind. Indoors plants are always a great idea, Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid are always a winner. These beautiful orchids are long lasting, easy care and add a very elegant touch to any home. There are always plenty of other Houseplant Options to suit your special person as well.
Daphnes are always a great gift for Mothers Day. These plants come in pink and/or white and both have that wonderful daphne perfume, flowering in winter they make them a very valuable plant to have in the garden, and especially for picking.
There is a great range of body products available, some specially for gardeners, and some lovely luxurious soaps. Candles are huge these days, and there is definitely a candle for everyone.
Last but by no means least, if all else fails, Gardening Gift Vouchers are always a winner -
that way it takes the stress out of the decision making, and the person receiving it can make the choice!!


We have Mothers Day sorted at the Garden Centre. We have something for all Mums, Grandmothers, or that special lady that means the world to you. We have the Gardeners, Non Gardeners and the Hard to Buy for Mum covered. Our Gift Vouchers can be purchased online and emailed direct to your special person or purchased in store. Gift Wrapping is FREE.


If you remember a vine creeping around your grandmother's kitchen, chances are it was a Hoya plant. Hoya have been popular house plants for decades and with good reason. They are extremely long-lived, have a classic, deep green, vining foliage and produce fragrant, light pink and red star-shaped flowers. We are lucky enough to get our hands on 11 Different Vareities that are now in store an available for you to add to your Collection.


Houseplants add beauty with foliage and flowers to the inside of your house they also naturally clean the air of toxins and refresh oxygen levels. Indoor plants give life to otherwise simple rooms with their wide variety of shapes, sizes textures and colours they are a fantastic way to decorate any room.
A true gift the keeps on giving. Check out our HUGE range today.
3 DAYS ONLY SAVE 20% Fri - Sun Only


These delightful candles crackle as they burn and smell divine. Highly fragranced WoodWick Candles feature a natural organic wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire.
Fragrance never sounded so good!
A delightful range using classic clear glass containers, natural soy wax, exquisite fragrances and organic wooden wicks.


Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid. A NZ favourite. Orchids are much easier to look after than most people think. The moth orchid is available in a range of colours from yellow, white and pink. We also have 2 sizes available. Large Premium and gorgeous Mini's.


Beautiful lush bushy shrub with bold green leaves. Large clusters of fragrant creamy-white flowers at the branch tips through the winter. Will tolerate light frosts. Prefers a sheltered site. Best in good soil that does not get too dry. Planted under the eaves, allows the scent into the house.


We have a range of beutifully scented body products. The ranges are inspired by New Zealand, the South Pacific and places that are the most beautiful on earth. Infused with botanical extracts and essential oils. They bring protection and care to dry skin and bodies.


Bred for its compact habit and prolific flowering, this evergreen Lavender produces an abundance of dense rich dark purple flowers from early spring through to late summer. This Lavender is ideal in a decorative pot, mass planted or as a general garden plant.


Grosafe Enspray 99 - An emulsifiable, narrow range spray oil for the control of mites, aphids , thrips, scale and powdery mildew. 200ml Bottle. Grosafe Free Flo Copper - Control fungus diseases on all fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. Use to control Curly Leaf. 100gm Bottle.
Both are Certified Organic. These are a great combination for use on Pip and Stone Fruit as your Winter Clean Up.


- Did you know? Now is the best time to spray to prevent pests & disease from attacking your fruit & ornamental trees! Spray using Double Strength Free Flo Copper with Enspray Oil added. The copper kills disease organisms and spores and the oil suffocates eggs and overwintering pest insects.
- Check stakes and replace them and ties as needed to avoid damage in the Winter winds.
- Pick up fallen leaf litter and add to your compost. Leaf litter is an idea place for disease spores and pest eggs to hang out. Composting for 6 months helps to kill these.
- Mulch your garden this not only helps keep the mositure in the soil but helps keep the weeds down.



Strawberries will be available in May, now is a good time to prepare your strawberry bed. It is recommended that they be replaced at least every second year, and for maximum size and yield replace each year. We are expecting delivery towards the end of May and will have these on offer for a limited number of days.

We are taking orders now for these. Give us a ring or email and secure yours today. info@bigjims.co.nz


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